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Photo by Diane Donaldson

Greenhouse was published in 2013 but I had worked on it long before that. I write most of my tunes to mark events in my life. I started with births of friends’ children, and have moved towards laments for friends who have died.

There are two links on this page. The first is for a Zip file called which will unzip, when opened, into nineteen mp3 files, the nineteen tracks on the CD. You can download it by clicking the following link.

Download Greenhouse CD

Here is the track list for the CD which contains the information below in a convenient format. If you right-click or control-click (Mac) in the link and select Download Linked File or the equivalent for your browser, a pdf file of the track list will download. You may have to let your browser open it first, then save it.

Download Greenhouse track list

If you want to hear an indiviual song, click its name in the list below. If you want to download it, right-click (or Control-click Mac) and select Download Linked File or Open with iTunes (iTunes will copy it to your Media folder) or the equivalent for your browser.

Track List

01 Swords into Plowshares 3:26: With Ellen van der Hoeven, mandolin. We played together as Dark Willow until my tremor forced me into retirement. The title is from Isaiah 2:4: “And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

02 Lament for Rachel Corrie 2:08: In honour of Rachel Corrie, who was killed in Rafa, Palestine in 2003, and all the other peace workers who have made similar sacrifices.

03 Waltz for Diane 3:09: Written to celebrate Diane Donaldson’s sixtieth birthday.

04 Crime Without Punishment 2:08: Remembering George W. Bush’s war crimes.

05 Lament for Harold Brown 3:27: Harold was Music Director of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. He died in 2011.

06 Lament for Dan 2:22: For my friend Dan Hill, who died in 2007.

07 Miss Peerless 1:54: A goofy tune for a non-goofy person. Her name is now Diane Donaldson.

08 Lament for Blair 2:29: For Blair Borden who died in 2006.

09 Shelley and Jesse 3:07: To celebrate the marriage of Shelley Maxwell and Jesse Donaldson in 2010.

10 Lament for Cleo 1:51: Cleo was a little black cat who died in 2010.

11 Queenie and Ormond 3:28: In memory of Queenie and Ormond Benson, my aunt and uncle. They both died in 2009.

12 Sour Plums of Galashiels 1:39: A traditional tune from Scotland.

13 Waltzing With Daisy 3:11: To celebrate Daisy Peerless Diesta’s ninetieth birthday. She died in 2015 aged 100.

14 Tanya and Tracy Got Married 1:21: For Tanya Fader and Tracy Harley who were married in 2004.

15 Waltz for a Good Friend 3:53: For Fred Stockholder’s seventieth birthday.

16 Aryana’s Polka 2:09: To celebrate the adoption of Aryana Borders Pendakur by Tracy Borders and Krishna Pendakur.

17 Shadows 1:40: Originally written for recorder quartet. This is the music-box version.

18 Mooney Blue 2:23: Done by drawing directly into the midi file. The synth is Kore Player; the patch is Mooney Blue. It plays a sequence when more than one note is on.

19 Greenhouse 8:43: This is my response to global warming and climate change. The recurring tune is based on one in The Play of Daniel. 

With the exception of Sour Plums of Galashiels, all tunes are by David Donaldson (© copyright1994–2013 by David Donaldson).