Assistance with iOS and Android devices

Thanks to Jesse Donaldson for testing and suggestions.

• Android devices: Jesse Donaldson used his Android device to download one of the zip files. He found it worked very well: It downloaded the zip file in one action, saved it to the Downloads folder and then provided an option to extract the music files and move them to the microSD in a second action. 

• iOS Devices: These devices do not have a Downloads folder and you can’t do it directly unless you download individual songs, using the song lists. If you download a zip file to your computer and open it, you’ll get an mp3 file for each piece. Drag them into an iTunes playlist or just double click the files to open in iTunes. In both cases, iTunes will copy the files to the iTunes Media folder and you can throw the original mp3 files away (this is the iTunes default but it’s possible to set it not to do this). To get the songs onto your iOS device, connect it to your computer and sync it to iTunes in the usual way. You can download individual song to your iOS device. In that case, the song will go into iTunes on the device directly.

Other Problems: If you find a problem  with the site, please let me know at whistler4[at] (replace [at] with @).